Answering the internet's questions.

Answering the internet's questions.

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Guided study hall students set SMART goals using Flint AI

Flint is helping Christian schools use AI to better assess students

Flint is helping Christian schools use AI to better assess students

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Will AI replace teachers, or will it make them the most important profession? 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫👈

What is the future of artificial intelligence in education? Will AI replace teachers? If so, how and why?

Can a teacher detect if students are using artificial intelligence?

What are some examples of how teachers are using ChatGPT to engage students and enhance learning?

How can educators guide students on how to navigate the AI landscape in their learning?

It is well established that the best education is delivered one-to-one by an experienced educator. Can AI replace the educator in such a way that there the student can still learn as she normally would with a human educator?